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I'm Deepak K Gupta {nickname: Daksh}, a software junkie who is writing code for the last ~20 years. I've worked on multiple Programming Languages and technology domains including, but not limited to Telecom, IP Networking, Network Security, Cloud Computing, MicroServices, Machine Learning & A.I.


I'm a firm believer of craftsmanship and quality in software because our lives today is dependent on software, and we can't afford to be novice about it.


After working with a tech giant for a long time, I'm currently pursuing a path that gives me breathing space to do something I was contemplating for some time


What is CodesBay?

CodesBay is the name of my proprietorship as well as the banner under which I create my contents.  To all SW Developers out there... 

Dream about tech, Have the courage to create it and Passion to live by it


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